Benefit #1: Diverse Range of Designs

Every homeowner has unique needs and ideas for their roof, and asphalt shingles offer various rich architectural styles. They are available in different sizes and colours to complement any home’s décor.

To give you an idea, here are the two most popular designs for asphalt shingles roofing in Australia:

3-Tab or Strip Shingle: The 3-Tab roof is made of one piece of material cut to look like three shingles.
Premium Shingle: This is a more expensive option. It adds both character and durability to your roof. When compared to other shingles, it is known for its impact resistance.

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Benefit #2: Colour Variation

Are you wondering how a roof can express your personality? Then worry no more! Asphalt shingles come in various colours that blend harmoniously with your surroundings, especially for outdoor living spaces.

Perhaps you want to create a Zen Garden or a tranquil gazebo. Whatever the case, the importance of your exterior roof decoration is equal to the significance of your house roofing. And thanks to the asphalt shingles’ colour variation, you have the chance to bring to life your idea!

Yet, how do you make sure the colours are complementary? Request a recommendation from East Coast Bali Huts and Gazebos team, and we will recommend the best asphalt shingle roof that will undoubtedly match your home’s exterior.

Benefit #3: Longevity

Aside from being energy-efficient, asphalt shingles have a long life span. They have a “life time” warranty, equating to 40 years!

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Benefit #4: Easy Installation

Asphalt shingles roofing in Australia is popular, and there are many proven and tested easy ways to install it. Although you can easily search the web for articles on how to install an asphalt shingle roof, it is still advised that you seek the assistance of professional roof installers, such as East Coast Bali Huts and Gazebos.

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Use Asphalt Shingles Roof to Combine Aesthetics and Functionality!

Suppose you are ready to refurbish your outdoor place, time to get help from us! Whether a Bali hut or gazebo, we provide 35 years of building experience and high-quality products. East Coast Bali Huts and Gazebos is the name you can trust in this industry, providing complete relaxation for every client.

So, when you need a stellar addition to your garden, trust our team’s asphalt shingles installation. Call us on 1300 575 550 or email us at

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