Are you planning to spruce up your outdoor space? Looking for the best way to create a sanctuary at home? Then it’s time to create a tropical haven just outside your doorstep. Live in a Balinese paradise without having to travel simply by introducing some elements in your backyard.

If you’ve been to Bali, you’re probably familiar with their architecture – light, airy, and filled with natural elements. The entrancing mood of the whole space welcomes you to relax, unwind, and leave all your worries behind.

And of course, you can incorporate this vibe into your space, too. So, as you start conceptualizing and envisioning the perfect design, here are some Balinese garden ideas to help you create your paradise.

1. Introduce a tropical vibe with Bali huts.

Tropical gardens bali hut

One of the distinct features of every Balinese garden is the tropical island vibe. While your residence is far from the pristine waters of Bali, you can still create the whole atmosphere by adding a Bali hut.

You can make it the centrepiece of your garden. Just add a couple of comfortable chairs or daybeds or some pieces of bamboo furniture, and voila, you can bask in the sun or chill in the shade of your Bali hut in your Balinese haven.

2. Don’t forget the foliage.

water feature Balinese gardenEvery Balinese garden is filled with the right balance of tropical plants, such as palms and coconut trees. Adding greenery is essential to the “human meets nature” vibe of the garden. It’s also used to offer a relaxing shade during hot summer days.

So, instead of planting big fruit-bearing trees, you can choose low-maintenance outdoor plants. There are a lot of choices available in native Balinese plants, such as agave plants, cordylines, crotons, frangipanis, and strelitzias to add a bold and tropical look to your garden. You can incorporate these elements and add them to your list of Balinese garden ideas.

3. Carve the scene with wood and stone elements.

It’s undeniable that Balinese gardens put a great emphasis on natural impressions. When you pay close attention to the most common features in a Balinese garden, you’ll notice that they use stone and timber. For your boardwalk, bridges, and entry gates, you can use dark wood, or light crisp texture bamboo, or teakwood.

As for the stone elements, you can embellish the decks or walking paths with stone statues. Another pro tip if you don’t want to put statues around your garden is to install other forms of stylized carvings, like water fountains, or mini ponds.

4. Highlight unique water features.

Water is an important element in a Balinese-styled garden. Like adding timber textures and stone elements, adding water features highlights the harmonization of the relationship between nature and man.

If your space is too small for a pool, you can always bring the sound of soothing cascading waters by adding a Balinese water feature. You can install a self-contained water feature near your Bali Hut. This will instantly create a calm, relaxing environment where you can reflect and meditate at any time of the day.

5. Create a space that welcomes you.

You’ve probably read tons of how-to articles and Balinese garden ideas while scouring the internet. Among those tips, you need to do an overwhelming list of things. But don’t forget that as you create your Balinese paradise, you need to think about yourself.

Ask yourself: what do you want in your garden? Do you want to host parties? Or do you wish to make it your reading nook? How ‘about a meditation corner? After knowing what you want, make sure to focus your energy on how to make your vision come to life.

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