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Here are some frequently asked questions. If your query is not covered below, please give us a call and we can chat about it.
How long does the thatch roofing last?

Good question. As climates in each state vary, there are a few variables that will contribute to the lifetime of the thatching roof. Generally speaking the thatching roof will last 10-12 years. Our frames come with our 25 year ‘No-Rot’ and 25 year ‘Termite- Proof’ and “Borers” guarantee.

Are the Bali Huts Waterproof and do they lower the temperature?

Yes, when installed correctly Bali Huts are 100% waterproof and in the hot summers, they also lower the temperature underneath, by around 10 degrees.

Can you assist with installation?

We have a unique way to help you with this. All our Bali Hut DIY kits come with an easy to read assembly and installation manual, with lots of detailed photographs and you can phone us anytime for our support in the event you do need advice. If you are handy and take your time, you will be able to complete your Bali hut successfully. If you still have a problem, you can contact us even after hours and we’d be happy to help you along. Still find it difficult? That’s O.K, we have a great installation team that can do the job to your satisfaction!

What kind of timbers do you use in your Bali Huts?

We using high-grade Australian and New Zealand termite resistant treated pine. What we’ve found is the most authentic-looking and durable posts are round and guaranteed by our supplier for 25 years against termite, borers and decay. We guarantee that our timber is only sourced from fully sustainable and managed forests. Our supplier Chain of Custody Certification also guarantees that all timber structural products, including termite resistant engineered beams, hardwood flooring and decking are only purchased from a legal timber supply and do not come from controversial sources.

What is the delivery time from start to finish at my place?

Well, some times of the year are busier than others however on average allow 3 – 4 weeks for production and delivery. We can always make an exception and fast track the odd installation for a special occasion.

Do I need council permission?

Our suggestion is that you have a chat to your neighbours first and inform them of your plan to install a Bali Hut. You will be on good terms and without doubt have no troubles there. All of our structures are generic engineered so that you are protected and quite often if a permit is required by your local council, you can do so afterwards, (in situ application).

Is there a standard height my Bali Hut must be?

Our Poles are 3.00m,3.60m, 4.2 etc long, therefore it gives us the allowance for variations in height. Based on our experience we recommend a minimum 2100 mm clearance from the underside of the beam.

I've seen different coloured string on Bali Huts, what does it mean?

White (light brown,cream) coloured string is used to stitch the thatching to the bamboo rod. This type of thatch is of high quality, therefore your roof will last longer. Also the amount of thatch used on the bamboo rod is thicker. Black string is also used to stitch the thatch to the bamboo stick. This is mainly for local use in Bali, the thatch is thinner, as less thatch is used on the stick.

What is the roof pitch of your Bali Huts and Gazebos?

The roof pitch of our Bali Buts and Gazebos is a big factor in determining the longevity of the roof. A steep roof pitch will last longer due to better drainage. For this reason we use a roof pitch of 35 degrees.

Are the Terracotta sections included with your Bali Huts?

Yes, we do supply the Terra Cotta sections with all of our huts. Crowns for square huts, finials and ridge capping for rectangular huts.

My Bali Hut has just been installed and I think the thatching looks ||rough||

This is quite normal for the thatching, it tends to look a bit wooly and ruffled. However once the roof has been hosed down and raked you will see a noticeable difference, with more wet weather the thatch will settle.

Do you have carved posts?

Yes we can supply authentic carved Balinese posts, by special customer order.

Can the thatch catch on fire?

Care needs to be taken with open fire B.B.Q’s. Although no customers of ours have reported any incidents as yet! We can offer you fire retardant thatching at a marginal extra cost.