Re-Thatching | Gold Coast | East Coast Bali Huts And Gazebos

Thinking of doing away with your “old Bali Hut”? Because it’s looking rather tired? Getting holes in your roof? Getting dust breaking off and spoiling your lovely dining / sitting area?

Think again! Yes can rescue this “tired” looking roof and revitalize your Bali Hut, just when it was new. We can re-thatch your roof and restore your Bali Hut to it’s former glory! You’ll be so happy you did!

Of course we only supply the very best thatching to you, original Alang Alang from Bali, handmade with cream stitching. This thatching has a better density than the rods with the black stitching. The thatching with black stitching is less dens on the rod and was originally made for home use in Bali. (they still use it). Although it is exported and used all around Australia it won’t last as long as the white stitched thatching and it won’t give you a good insulation.

Alternatively you can purchase the thatching from us and do it yourself. We can work out what you need and show you how it’s done. If you’re handy with the hammer, it’s a great weekend project.

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“Where is your Bali Hut taking you?”

Re-Thatching | Gold Coast | East Coast Bali Huts And Gazebos

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