Fire Retardant Thatching | Gold Coast | East Coast Bali Huts And Gazebos

East Coast Bali Huts is introducing a fire retardant Alang Alang thatching. Yes still the same great dense quality with cream stitching, Alang Alang thatching that we import, but with a difference, this thatching has been treated.
Unlike some products, this is not a superficial “spray on” fire retardant product, but a very thorough process.
I have visited the plant and seen how it works, it is quite amazing and extremely effective.
The thatching is suspended on a track and then lowered into a “bath”, which has the fire retardant mixed in it. Once submersed this bath then becomes aerated, much like your “spa bath” at home, but a bigger version. Which in effect means that every single strand of thatching gets a very thorough treatment. The thatching is lifted out, aired and dried while the next batch of thatching is underway. Soon everything is ready to be shipped.
This treatment is approved by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service. It is not toxic, either to your family or your pets. It does give you peace of mind in case of an accident with your B.B.Q. knowing that your Bali Hut roof won’t go up in flames!

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