Bali huts – giving you your very own piece of paradise

There is no denying that modern day living is stressful, so why not retreat to your own mini oasis in the backyard? East Coast Bali Huts can provide you with your very own piece of Bali right in your own yard.

Bali huts are becoming more and more popular due to their relaxing look and feel.

Sit in your Balinese hut and close your eyes on a warm summers day, you’ll hear the gentle breeze passing through the thatching, add a cocktail and you could almost mistake it for a Balinese resort.

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Why install a Bali hut in your garden?

Did you know that a Bali hut is up to 10 degrees cooler than any other form of gazebo?

There are numerous benefits to installing a Bali hut in your Northern Rivers NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hinterlands or Sunshine Coast home, including;

  • The most obvious reason is that it looks amazing. Add a piece of tropical paradise to your garden and be the envy of all your neighbours.
  • A Balinese hut is the perfect entertainment area, it provides natural shade from the sun and rain. Due to its high-quality thatching, an East Coast Bali Hut won’t trap heat like a conventional shade cover and due to its angle, the rain will run straight off.
  • A Bali hut provides the perfect place for the kids to play, it’s a great way to get them to swap screen time for green time.
  • Want a place to relax and unwind? Your Bali hut is a great place to unwind, even the sight of a Balinese hut is enough to evoke the feeling of relaxation.
  • The addition of a Bali hut will add value to your home. Not only does a Bali hut enhance the appearance of your home, it will be a big draw card and point of difference for potential buyers.
  • Give your outdoor area a beautiful tropical feel and slow down the pace of life.

You won’t Bali-eve the East Coast Bali Huts difference!

At East Coast Bali Huts, we only cover the East Coast, that includes Northern Rivers NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hinterlands and the Sunshine Coast. Why do we only service those areas? So, we don’t have to compromise our customer service to accommodate a wider audience.

DIY Installation

Whether you want a Bali hut kit, or you want us to organise the installation, we ensure the whole process is as seamless as possible. After all, the relaxing experience should start when buying your East Coast Bali Hut.

At East Coast Bali Huts, we provide a 36-page illustrated step by step installation guide. Our guide is simple and easy to follow, but if there is anything you need to query our resident expert Hans is available on his mobile 24/7 to assist you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Balinese huts that exceed the standard

Not only do we comply with all industry standards, we exceed them. Why settle for less when it comes to quality? Our Balinese huts are top quality, hand crafted and built to last. We are the supplier of choice for insurance companies due to our sterling reputation for quality. Don’t buy cheap, buy value that will last.

DIY Bali huts or we can do it for you!

Not all Bali huts are created equal, why settle for less? At East Coast Bali Huts, we provide the only the highest quality Bali huts to Northern Rivers NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hinterlands and Sunshine Coast homes. Call 1300 575 550. Buy a Bali hut kit or opt for us to organise installation, whatever you decide we can ensure that you will be getting the highest quality Bali hut on the market.

“Where is your Bali Hut taking you?”