Beautiful timber decking

A beautiful timber deck is the ideal setting for a Bali hut or gazebo. If you already have a deck your half way there, but if you are looking to install or extend your deck to accommodate your new Bali hut or gazebo East Coast Bali Huts are your one stop shop.

We don’t cut corners with our decks

Our decks are built to last and we’re more than surface deep. We can provide 140mm x19mm decking boards, they are outstanding value for money and create the illusion of a much larger space. We do also have the option of 90mm x 19mm if that’s your preferred option or we can match your existing deck for any additions or extensions.

Below the surface is just as important, and we don’t skimp on our decking materials. Your decking price includes; stirrups and support posts, joist of proper size and decking oil to finish your deck. It’s your choice of board, smaller or wider. All our materials are of the highest quality, so you can enjoy your deck for many years to come.

Why install a deck?

There are many reasons to install a deck in your Northern Rivers NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hinterlands or Sunshine Coast home including;

  • A deck provides additional usable living space. A deck doesn’t go dry or boggy depending on the weather, with minimal maintenance your deck will remain a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors in any season.
  • A deck provides the perfect setting for entertaining. Why limit yourself to dining indoors when alfresco dining offers great views and fresh air.
  • A deck gives the perception of more available living space. A quality deck can add significant value to your home and be the point of difference that sways a potential buyer into purchasing your home over another.
  • When you add a Bali hut or gazebo to your deck you have the perfect entertaining area all year round.

A deck with a conscious

We only use premium grade selected Australian and New Zealand timber for our decks. We guarantee that our timber is sourced from fully sustainable and managed forests. Our Australian Forest Standard, Chain of Custody Certification also guarantees that all structural timber products, including termite resistant engineered beams, hardwood flooring and decking, are only purchased from a legal timber supplier and do not come from controversial sources.

Outdoor decking solutions

When you consider a Bali hut or gazebo it makes sense to install a deck. Whether you are shading an entertainment area or pool, you can’t go wrong with an East Coast Bali Hut outdoor renovation. Whether you want a tropical oasis or an alfresco dining area we’re here to assist you.

Deck your garden out

To get a free quote on your deck, Bali hut and/or gazebo, call East Coast Bali Huts for a free site inspection. Adding a deck to your Northern Rivers NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hinterlands or Sunshine Coast home can transform your outdoor area into a beautiful weekend retreat.