Water Features And Statues | Gold Coast | East Coast Bali Huts And Gazebos

Looking at bringing some interest in your garden? Wouldn’t you love to hear the sound of a stream meandering through the forest? Love to hear the treacling of a stream in your garden? Nothing is as relaxing as sitting in your garden or your Bali Hut and listening to the sound of cascading water.

It can be a waterfall at the end of your pool, but if you don’t have a pool, a self-contained water feature near your Bali Hut, will create calm in your hectic lifestyle. This water feature, the sound of running water, turns even a small garden setting into a perfect space for reflection and relaxation.

From a sizeable multiple receptacles water feature for a larger setting to a smaller water feature, layer it with thick green foliage and re-create that tropical jungle! Add colour with Strelitzias, “Bird of Paradise” and Bromeliads.


Are you struggling with your garden layout? Looking for a focal point? Something unexpected as you turn a corner in your garden? How about an authentic Balinese statue to complement you Bali Hut and your tropical setting? A perfect combination! This is a very exciting prospect, as there are so many to choose from and you can use this statue together with your water feature and Bali Hut to create your own “theme”. Don’t delay, get creative!

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