We all love to spend time in our gardens, but the summer heat can beat us back indoors. Make your garden a shady retreat.

Gardens are a perfect way to relax or host a summer B.B.Q. with friends. The lacy canopy of a mature tree is the ideal solution for much needed shade.

But man made structures can offer a convenient and instant “shade fix” and extent the living areas of you home.

If you don’t have a shady tree or perhaps no time or room to grow one, then it is time to seriously look at a Bali Hut.

Shade cooling your garden by 10 degrees, making a steamy 33 degree day feel more like a tepid 23 degrees.

Consider where you live and how much sun protection you would like, before you start planning a shady spot in your garden, you Bali Hut can be made to order in just about any size.

Once you’ve decided and your Bali Hut is installed, you can then add a Palm tree, either a clumping Golden cane or some bamboo for that tropical feeling.

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