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What a project this was! But such a joy to see the end result. Our brief…. Can we built a large Bali Hut to replace the eyesore of a shed? Yes we can…. Can it then become a Aviary? Yes we can!!

A whole lot of research went into this project, but the ultimate outcome, a very happy client with a multitude of happy birds. My special thanks must go to “Birdenbush”, Peter it was great working with you!

It is a joy to see so many finches, parrots and guinea fowl happily living together in harmony, knowing they have such a great Bali Hut space 4.5m x 9.0m. They will be a joy to watch them in their new environment and listening to their song, it seems that they’ve settled in very well. Again a great outcome, happy birds and an even happier client!

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