Is your Bali hut alone in the hot and cold Australian weather, looking sad? Why not let your creative mind run wild? Consider the sound and beauty of a trickling Balinese water feature or the sophistication of a Balinese garden statue on the Gold Coast—what a sight to behold!

Adding garden statues and water features will undoubtedly improve the visual impact of your garden. Using these focal points, you can evoke the appropriate mood for your daily activities. Statues and Balinese garden statues in Gold Coast are one of the best complementary outdoor attractions for your Bali huts.

5 Ingenious Ways to Use Statues and Water Features to Elevate Your Garden

water features and statues

Despite being aesthetically proven, you still need to learn how to design your garden. Will a relaxed and calm water fountain add to the beauty of your garden? Or will a garden statue visually enhance the beauty of your garden with Bali huts?

Whether you want to recreate or adapt the features, the wonders of garden elevation will undeniably fuel your creative mind.

Inspiration for Balinese Water Features on the Gold Coast

Let’s start with the dramatic experience that water features can add to your garden. Whether your outdoor space is small or large, a water-inspired design will enhance the Balinese feel of your place.

But first and foremost, select the feature that appeals to you. Do you enjoy the sound of running water? A bouncing light reflection in the water? Or you’d like to complement your Bali hut? Whatever you choose, it is entirely up to you.

Here are some examples of designs that perfectly balance beauty and functionality in one place:

1. Relaxing Water Rill

Create your outdoor space with the flowing sensations of surface water in a shallow channel—a versatile water rill. You can rely on a professional landscaper to create a relaxing atmosphere with the sound of moving water.

Just so you know, there are various innovations on how to design your water rill, whether the focal point of a level rill or the solid architectural line of a raised rill; there are no restrictions on how you design your outdoor space.

2. Creative Raised Pond

Do you enjoy designing a well-balanced garden that complements your Bali hut? Then consider incorporating a raised pond into your outdoor space. You can feel the Balinese vibes of an artificial raised garden pond with its natural way of enhancing the look of your garden.

3. Innovative Garden Fountain

Most of you may immediately think of garden fountains when you hear the phrase “water feature in the gold coast.” It’s no surprise, given that fountains are a popular focal point for most outdoor-loving homeowners.

You can listen to a strong gushing water flow or soft water trickling from a water fountain. Recreate a Balinese water feature with fountains if you want to add a dynamic design alongside your Bali huts!

Inspiration for Balinese Garden Statues on the Gold Coast

Now, let’s get some ideas for garden statues that can add a touch of magic, sophistication, and playfulness to your outdoor space.

However, before selecting the right statue design for your Balinese outdoor garden, ensure you understand proper placement and existing garden designs, such as your Bali hut. Hire a professional landscaper for garden design advice to ensure you get the correct measurements and designs.

In addition, while there are numerous garden statue designs,here are some ideas for your garden statues in Gold Coast:

With the Right Bali Huts, You Can Release Your Creativity!

Imagine having all of the water and Balinese garden features in Gold Coast perfectly designed, but your Bali hut looks old and damaged—certainly a slap in the face to your goal of elevating your garden.

That is why, in addition to the ideal focal point designs for your outdoor space, ensure that the beauty and functionality of your Bali huts are maintained with the best team at East Coast Bali Huts and Gazebos. Call us at 1300 575 550 to transform your garden!