“During the recent firestorms that have plagued Australia, at East Coast Bali Huts and Gazebos, we’ve had a lot of inquiries, such as; “If I want a Bali hut in my garden, is it safe?”, and also “If I want to re-thatch my Bali hut, is it safe?

We can say “Yes”, we have a safe solution for you. We can offer you CSIRO tested and certified Fire retardant thatching. Still the same authentic quality Alang Alang thatching we import from Bali. Thatching with the cream string, with a good density. However, this thatching has the advantage of being treated with a fire retardant.

Not just a “spray-on” fire retardant, but the thatch had to go through a very thorough process.

I have seen the plant and it is a very interesting process. The thatching is suspended on a track and gets lowered into a “bath”, where the fire retardant is already mixed. Once submerged, the water is then aerated, much like a “spa” bath at home, only on a larger scale. This aeration has the effect that all the thatching gets penetrated, every single strand! Not just a superficial layer. It is a very thorough process! The treated thatching is then removed from the bath and the next batch is ready for treatment. Once all the thatching has dried out it is ready for shipping.

This certified fire retardant thatching has the advantage that your Bali Hut won’t go up in flames if there’s an accident with your B.B.Q.! It will only smolder and fizzle out. This is of course in your daily suburban home setting, not subject to the ferocious firestorms that have set of the hectares of bushfires.

This treatment has been tested and approved by the CSIRO and has been approved by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service. Call us 1300 575 550