In the market for a Bali hut? Before you commit to buying, make sure you do your research and consider the functionality, design and maintenance. If you want to invest wisely, then consider these helpful tips from our Bali hut experts.


Nowadays there are a wide range of thatching styles and materials that can be used to create the roof of Bali huts. At East Coast Bali Huts and Gazebos, we supply the very best thatching – original Alang Alang from Bali, handmade with cream stitching. This thatching has a better density than the rods with black stitching and will last much longer, while giving you better insulation.

We also provide certified fire retardant Alang Alang thatching. It provides the same great density with cream stitching, but is completely treated with a fire-retardant product, so every single strand of thatching has been saturated. Non-toxic and approved by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service, it’s a great option for peace of mind.


If maintained properly Bali hut thatching can last between ten to twelve years. After this period, the thatching will show serious signs of wear and tear. If your Bali hut’s roof has holes in it or begins dropping dust, then it’s time to get it re-thatched. If you want to ensure that your thatching last longer, then it’s a good idea to invest in synthetic thatching. At East Coast Bali Huts and Gazebos, our synthetic Balinese thatch ‘FiberPalm’ is guaranteed for 20 years, but it can last up to 50.


Bali huts can be customised to suit your home and personal tastes. You can choose more natural looking Balinese inspired posts and supports, or go for something more modern, such as painted white timber, to match a Hampton style home. Also consider the functionality of your design. Bali hut roofs (better for drainage in more exposed areas) must have a minimum pitch of 35 degrees. If you want a low-pitched roof, opt for a gazebo instead.

If you are looking for a new Bali hut or Bali hut re-thatching, then contact the team at East Coast Bali Huts and Gazebos. We supply Bali huts to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Whatever your block size and whatever your needs, we can help you find the right option for you home.