Now that we are in our winter season, it is time to spruce up your garden and get ready for summer.

Are you frustrated at looking at your tired old Bali hut? Thatching that is starting to look a bit worse for wear? Call us for a re-thatching quote.

Or are you ready for a makeover?

So many alternatives for a fresh look, we can refurbish your Bali hut giving it a new lease on life, looking like new!

There are many options to re-roof, either over your thatched roof. Or thatching removed.

We can offer Cambridge Asphalt shingles with many colour options, to match or compliment your existing house roof.

There is also the Eco-friendly Eco slate roof tiles, looking like the genuine slate, but made from polymer.

Of course last but not least, never dating Colorbond is always another options with many colours to choose from.

Call us now, don’t wait for the summer rush! 1300 5757 550